Minggu, 19 Juli 2015

Top 5 Programming Languages

Programming language is a set of words in the form of instructions or commands which usually consists of a large number of lines that can be understood by computers. The programming language will be controlled by a developer to build an application or software. And to-Some applications also the programming language in accordance with the requirements of the application used to perform.

The lot number of programming languages. Of the many existing programming languages ​​today, of course, developers do not use all existing programming languages. They are using only one or two programming languages ​​to develop software. According TIOBE, a research institute that has several years of efforts to create a ranking of popular languages ​​in the world programming are implemented in the form of Programming Community index TIOBE December 2014 edition, Java and C remains the most popular programming languages .
Top 5 most popular language ROGRAMMING
The most used programming languages ​​are, according to the results of the survey TIOBE
The above data is a popular programming language used in the world, at this time Refals article summarizes five popular programming language used in the world. Here are five comments popular programming languages ​​in the world:1. JAVA
ProgrammingJava Java is a programming language that can run on different platforms, from computers to mobile devices. This programming language originally developed at The Green Project in 1991 by Sun Microsystems, which Oracle then removed. Because Java chosen name itself was a founder of Java, James Gosling, very fond of pure ground coffee directly from a router (black coffee) in which this type of coffee Java in Indonesia.
Java became one of the languages ​​most popular programming were not for any reason, this programming language has some advantages, such as the operating system can run on different programming language is included in object-oriented programming schedule ( OOP) for programmers to more easily program preparation uses this language, plus the language also has an extensive library so it will be easier for programmers. And today is the era where Android smartphones are widely used instant confirmation. Applications in the Android smartphone is built using the Java language, so many programmers using this language because it was very necessary.2. C

Programming CThe C language includes the oldest programming languages ​​history. The C programming language was developed from the 70 C language became a popular programming language in Indonesia Because most IT departments or agencies university course using this programming language to be studied first before studying other programming languages. Not without reason, the C language is the basis for the study of other programming languages, because the C language is the "father" of companies are programming languages ​​such as C #, Java, C ++, and so on.3. C ++

C ++ Language
C ++ is a programming language Development CC and C ++ language have written almost the same syntax, even so both programming languages ​​have differences on the issue of settlements. In the C language problem solving is divided into sub-problems even smaller or it can be called a procedural programming language, while ++ object-oriented C, where the problems are divided into classes.4. C #
C # programming
C # is a programming language developed by Microsoft. C # combines the principles of C and C ++. C #, Instant confirmation is used to develop software using the Windows platform.5. PythonPython Programming
In level programming language, Python includes a high-level language. Python programming language to create applications, either based or web-based mobile. Python is included in a programming language that is easy enough for beginners, because the language is easy to read, with a syntax that is easy to understand too. Many large companies menggunanakn Python pengembanganya as Instagram, Pinterest and Rdio. Python is also used by the developers of Google, Yahoo!, And NASA.
In Indonesia there is a Facebook group that talks about Python that has more than 6,000 members. This group is very active, the group is called Python Indonesia.